Easy ways to order! Easy ways to order!

To order with credit card Fax order form below to: 1-877-203-4486 or

call toll free 1-877-203-4486 and leave a detail

order information

To order with money order,

check or credit card

Send order form below with payment to

Liberty House Company,

at Gainesville, GA 30506.  Please email us for address details sales@libb.com

If you can not print out this order form, just hand write necessary information

on paper and add up the order total for payment.


Georgia Residents only, add 7% sales tax  
S&H Fees: $4 ($1-$20); $5 ($20-$30); $6 ($30-$60); $8 ($60-$110); $11 ($110-$200; $14 (over $200)  
Grand Total  

Shipping Address



City: ___________________________ State:________________ Zip:____________

Payment Information

____ Money Order

_____ Bank/Cashier Check

_____ Personal Check (Allow extra 8 business days for clearance)

_____ Credit Card

Check one => _____ ; OR _____ ; OR ____

Card Number : ________________________________ Exp. Date: _________

Billing Address On The Card if Different From Shipping Address Above:

Street: _______________________________________

City: ________________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Your Signature : _______________ Phone : _______________

Your E-Mail Address: ________________________________



Thank you for your business and have a wonderful day!

Comments and Questions? Contact us at sales@libb.com


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